Grab vs Traditional xe om . Who’s gonna win this fight?

So, what is Xe om? Xe om is… [ Ok, just click the link].

I’m gonna write about the fight between Traditional Xe om. This fight has been existed for years, before Grab, we also had Uber, and now we have GoViet. This fight is not gonna end now. What made me decide to write about this today? Honestly, I don’t like the topic about economics although it’s my major. Let’s talk about my story today a little bit to know why I decided to write.

I didn’t even care about what happened in the Bike taxi market before. I chose whatever taxi that was cheap and suitable for my purse. Grab is number 1 for its convenient and customer services. Last week, I went to Hanoi for business, I booked a Grab.  A young boy came to pick me up, he told me story about the fight between Grab and Xe om. A real fight, not economics, a fight by real fists. Xe om-s can punch and hit a Grab for picking up the customers. So he told me next time I wanted to catch a Grab, just stay away from the Xe om-s. No Grab biker wanted to be punched at their face for working. At that time I didn’t care much because it was good that I had my Grab. Today I went to Hanoi again. Just for the one who didn’t know, I stopped at Nuoc Ngam bus station and there were many Xe om-s there as usual. A Xe om can go inside the bus station to follow customers to ask if they wanted a Xe om. Outside of the bus station, there was a crowd of Xe om. There were many many Xe om-s there, and many of them had fake Grab helmet and coat to fool the old people that they were Grab bikers. I already booked a Grab when I was inside the bus. But then, bad things kept happening to me. At the bus door,  a xe om saw me and tried to chase me. I ran to the gate to get away from him. Unlucky for me, I met another Xe om who grabbed my arm and asked me to use his service, I didn’t like any stranger to touch me without my permission so I continued to run. Suddenly the partner company called to ask about monthly report. I picked up. At that time, another Xe om ran and yelled at my face : ” NO GRAB FOR YOU”. Another Xe om grabbed my arm while I was trying to get out of the crowd full of Xe om-s trying to have customers. I looked at his face, the face I would never forget, it was full of anger and hatred . He was still grabbing my arm, suddenly he pushed me back and yelled : ” WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?”. I was about to fall down and I was really scared. I screamed : ” WHAT THE HELL, WHAT THE HELL” . He kept pushing me back until I finally got out magically and ran so fast to another gate to meet my Grab bike. So, That was where my fight begun. I believe that GRAB IS WINNING now and I’m happy for that.

1- Customer services

I am a Vietnamese and I knew Xe om since I was a kid. Long time ago, when my phone was a Nokia which I could throw it at the head of people I hate like a brick, there was not a thing called Stupid phone like what we are using now. So there was not a thing called a app to book a bike or a car. We had Xe om, some kind of bike – taxi to bring us everywhere with cheaper price than a cab. I studied far away from home so I had to go to the bus station to catch a bus to go home, from my apartment to the bus station, I would take a Xe om. At the bus station, Xe om paid for the securities and … [ No political, no mention] to have place to park and follow customers. I was there once when 2 Xe om-s fight to have me as a customer. I just asked the price and decided to choose the cheaper one. The more expensive ran right to the cheap one and sworn at him, called him the thief. They fought, punched each other in the faces. The result was I had to choose the expensive one because he won the fight. What a customer service! An experience was that if I went out of the bus station, and went far far away from them, I might find a cheap Xe om. But I was scared by the services, I decided to catch the bus. Sometimes it took like forever to have a bus because of the traffic jam but I didn’t mind. It was cheap, it was convenient and it was safe. But sometimes a Xe om ran by just to yell at my face that I was a little cheap bitch [ Just because I didn’t use their services]. What a customer service ! A Xe om never said ” Thank you”, they always yell, grab people and fight. Why did they think that they would make a good customer service by acting like that? They are full of anger and hatred. There is no one to report their bad behaviors because all Xe om-s are working by themselves and for themselves only. People have a scooter, they have no other way to make money so they use their scooter to be a Xe om.

A Grab bike is fully different. A Grab can be anyone, a student, a full-time Grab or someone just have too many free time, etc. Every Grab I met, they always said “Thank you” even if they received a really small amount of money. A Grab once told me : ” You know we never fight because we don’t have time for that. Customers book on the app continuously and there’s no way a single Grab can accept all of their bookings. We are very busy”. Should we be happy when we received a call to ask where we are, and then a grab come and tell ” Please put on the helmet” and finally “Thank you for using our service?

Who is winning this? Xe om-s tell the result themselves when they fake Grab. If they were so good, they wouldn’t have to fake anyone. To recognize who is a real Grab : A real Grab always has a bag to put their phone and charge inside. And remember always use the app to book a bike. [ A Xe om was shocked by the fact that my mom, a 60+ year old lady, used her Samsung Note FE to book a Grab and She was not fooled by any Xe om]. A customer has their full rights to choose what is best for them and protect their benefits.

2- Price

A price for Xe om is always so high from the beginning. They are continuing to raise the price as the result of raising in gasoline price and whatever price. However I never saw they reduced price when the government reduced gasoline price. Their price continues to go up up up like a super push-up bra. Sometimes I wonder if it takes that much gasoline to drive ? For example, from my apartment to the bus station, it’s about 8km. The price to catch a xe om was from 80.000 – 100.000 VND. The price of gasoline today is 18.600 VND. It means that it cost about 5 liters of gasoline to go 8km. It sounds like something are wrong here. I have a scooter which can contain 6 liters of gasoline and I use it for 1 week and 3 days from home to work and back = 4km * 10 = 40km. So there’s no way that it takes 5 liters of gasoline to go 8km. It was way tooo expensive for whatever they offer, safety or services. Each Xe om gives different price [ Don’t try to ask like me or they will punch you ] and you have to use all your abilities to reduce their price to their suitable price which is still very high.

A Grab is different. Right after you choose your destination, they tell you the price. If you accept it, you Book it. Easy? They also provide promotion code almost everyday. Sometimes I go for 10km with the price of 10.000 VND which is less than a liter of gasoline. Good service, good price. Who doesn’t like it?

So, who is winning this fight? Using only price in this competition, Grab totally wins. With the price = 1/10 or 1/2 price of Xe om, which service will you choose? Obviously everyone likes cheap things with high quality.

3- Hi-tech

What century are we living in? This is the century of hi-tech. Most people have stupid phones with 4G or 5G. Why should we use something old and expensive instead of using convenient new things with suitable price? We access an app, we book a service, bike or delivery, we sit in a cool room, count from 1 to 10, receive a phone call and everything is done. Or would you prefer to go outside the road in the middle of summer [ >30 Degree Celsius ] or in the middle of winter [ <5 Degree Celsius] , call a Xe om, ask for price, try to low it down? We have technology, we should use it effectively.

Who is winning this fight? Hi-tech or no-tech. I bet you all know the answer.

So for me, in the middle of this cold winter, I don’t like to be pushed or yelled at my face. I like some polite service because I deserve it.

GRAB, you have 1 vote from me. Keep doing your job well !


What’re your hobbies and interests?

What are your hobbies and interests? Honestly, I really don’t care at all. It’s none of my business and the fact that I don’t care is not your business. A friend once told me that “Friendship must respect sincere and honest…”. So why am I sitting here and writing this post? Because many people are forcing me to have their hobbies and interests like they are mine. I’m sorry, fucking NO! Your hobbies and interests are none of my business, too.

While I’m writing this post, many people are watching a soccer game. It’s really not what I like. It’s not event my team playing. I like Manchester United, I watch other teams play for fun but If I don’t like to watch, I don’t watch it. Everybody is crazy about the game today, last week or whatever day when this team plays. I don’t like to watch. It’s not that there’s something wrong with me. It’s just I don’t watch what I don’t like. The only problem is in those people’s heads when they said that I was weird. As a friend once told me: Everybody is weird and it’s interesting. I think I’m pretty normal to me and it’s my business. This afternoon while people were talking about the match and I was working because there was so much to do, suddenly they stopped and asked if I cared about the match. I asked : “What match?”. One of them screamed out loud: ” I knew it, I knew it. She’s always the outsider and she never cares about the match or other activities that we like. She’s crazy”. The question is that Why should I care about what I don’t like? I’m not the one who is following the trend. Last month, those people didn’t know anything about soccer and now they are acting like they are soccer experts. That’s crazy. Do they even know my team? NOOOOOO! Why should I like their team because it’s their team while they don’t know my team? It’s not fair at all.

Do you like whatever I like? I like playing djembe loud and clear in the middle of the night. I like speaking Spanish in front of people who don’t know shit about Spanish. I like reading novels in the middle of the crowded and noisy party. And I like to pretend like I don’t fucking hear you when you’re too annoying. Do you like any of those things? If you like all of them, you’re fucking crazy. We are the same. I might not like whatever you like and you might not like whatever I like. It’s fair. So just don’t force anyone to like whatever you like just because you like it so much. Don’t force yourself to like the things which normally you don’t know about it just because everybody else likes it. You’re living your life for yourself. No one else can control your life and live your life for you.

I’m not a trending person. I’m wearing my old clothes. This year, I haven’t buy any new clothes because I’m saving money. I wear whatever I want. I like my team event if they are playing not very well because they’re my team. So I don’t suddenly change in one night because everybody suddenly likes something. I am stubborn and I just care about going my own way. I might be the small part of a group but that group is just a small part of the world. I’m a part of the world so it’s pretty normal if I’m silly, different and I’m acting different. Just because you don’t know about something’s existence, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Let’s go to Mars!

University life [ Part 3- end]

Part 1

Part 2

4- Last year

Time ran so fast. I was a little girl and suddenly I became a big girl with nothing in my hands to step outside to face the real life. They said that the university was to prepare for the real life but actually it was some other school with people came from everywhere, not just inside the city. There was nothing real at all. I was there, holding a broken dream in my hands. I realized I totally lost the way. It was scary to step outside but there was no way back. When you decided to exist in this world, you had a one way ticket in your hand. Being afraid or not, I had no choice but stepped out.

When I reached level 4, things were worse. I started to go to school late and I skipped classes because I didn’t like those class. I didn’t understand anything I wrote in my notebook. I didn’t understand those homework teachers gave me. My motivation was gone. My energy was zero. Going to school became a nightmare to me. I had the same nightmare over and over: going to school, going to to some boring things that I didn’t understand. Teachers kept asking questions, other student could answer easily like eating candies. I lost there, I didn’t know the answers and I didn’t understand what happened. I just wanted to stay at home and hide from everything.

There was a rule that the school would close the gate after the bell rang. So anyone who went to school late would never had a chance to attend their class. They skips 2 days, they would fail completely. I was at school late once. I was about to have a 15 minute test so I had to be at class. So I was there, in front of the close gate and I was worried. Then I decided to climb in. Turns out it was not hard to climb. Just watch out for other teachers. If I got caught, I knew I would fail that subject completely. I was lucky to enter class before the test started. I continued to study with my group but somehow I couldn’t focus on what I have to study. Everybody did well but I didn’t. I was so scared. What would I become? What should I do?

Studying was still the same. Learn by heart the equations and solve the problem. There were thousands of equations to learn. Somehow I never solved any problem, I always had the wrong answers. So I made the lists of equations for each subject and …sold them. So if you accidentally went by my university and you saw a paper with watermark ” Mark LG”, that was actually my work. So I guess I left something back for other younger students. At this time of the year, my business was better than ever. Everybody needed to print something and I was right there at right time and right place. I made a lot of money. I had my properly job at a company, a real estate company. My duty was posting advertisements on websites to notice that we had room for foreigners to rent, then if the customers contacted, I would take them to see the room or the house. It was a part-time job, I only worked in the morning so I could go to class in the afternoon. Salary at that time was not important to me because experiences were far more expensive and all I needed was working experiences. At the company, I learnt a lot. I learnt how to work, how to team work, how to make a properly reports, how to talk to to customers and how to deal with contracts. I liked to be there, to be a member of that team. Time ran fast until I had my internship.

At the end of the 4th year, I suddenly realized that I was wrong all the time. I was 23 years old, Studying this major was never my dream and my wish. I only studied this because my parents and people told me that I would easily apply for a job after I graduated [ The truth was totally different and I may tell you some day about my darkest day with no job and money. I knew how it’s like to have nothing so don’t talk to me like I was never be broken ]. I found myself attracted by psychology. It was so easy to understand, to read people and it was so fascinating to join in the game of minds.  At that time I thought something was wrong with me so I tried to force myself back to what I chose. The more I forced myself, the harder it was to focus. I didn’t have anytime to change anything. I ran out of money. If I wanted to study psychology, I had to go abroad. I had no money for that. I was there, stood in the middle of the crossroad of my life. “I’m just a little girl lost in the moment. I’m so scared…” . I knew I had to get back to what I chose. I tried hard to get back but somehow I couldn’t. That made me who I am today. Half artist, Half financial advisor. I threw myself in the middle of the road and chose to go that way. It was really hard to have a warm heart to follow my passion and a cold mind to make financial decisions.


Going to the university is not the only way leads to success. The important things are what you really want to do and what you’re able to do. Follow your heart but keep your mind open. My university years were empty in an interesting way. I really respect all the experiences I had for all my life. Life is good, People are not.

University life [ Part 2]

Part 1

I don’t remember what I wrote anyway. The life at the university was like a part of my picture. Although I see my picture as a weird and a little bit ugly, I tried so hard to paint it. You know, someone paint, someone sing, someone dance… I don’t have those talents. All I know is to write.

3- 2nd year and 3rd year

After spending summer at the hometown, I came back and started a new school year at the university. I rent a room in a house near my school. It was quite cheap because the house was old and the room was just an extra room the owner made for rent on the rooftop of the house. That room was located lower than the…wc.  The owners were teachers of another university near my university [ 500m ] and it took about 5 minutes to go from the house to my university. The house was in a small alley. The owners locked the gate at the alley after 10 PM so it I went home later than 10PM, I had to sleep somewhere else. And actually, I slept outside several times because of that. Because I was at the rooftop, I had to get up everyday at 5AM to turn on the pump. It should be an automatic pump but the owner turn it into manual pump, he didn’t want anyone to use too much water. Then I had to turn it off at about 6.30 AM before I went to school. Just… the pump was actually really high, I had to climb to another roof to turn it on and off. There was only 1 electric water heater on 2nd floor. If I wanted to use it, I had to cross the room of another 6 girls. I lived alone. I used the hot water once, I crossed the room and found out that dirty clothes and dishes everywhere, the bathroom was full of dirty clothes and trash. I didn’t have any place to have a shower. After I had a shower at their room, they reported that they lost some stuff, so I never used that bathroom again. I boiled water by my small pot and used it to …wash my hair or have a shower. Because those girls had really dirty room, mice and cockroaches were everywhere. I caught about 6 mice and one of those mice bite my toe while I was sleeping once. Those girls and the owner hang their pants and panties everywhere in my space, I mean a small yard just for me to do my stuff. Everyday, after coming back from school I had to cross under those pants and panties to go to my room. I caught the owner go to my room and check my stuff. It was so sick. I was a girl, I live alone and he went to my room like it was nothing private at all. I kept distance because I didn’t want any trouble. I knew his wife fucking hated me because her husband got an eye on me. Anyway, I left that horrible room after 3 months. I had my own apartment. It was about 2km away from my school, not so far away. First night on my new apartment, I cleaned it until 2 AM.  And at that time, I had my first laptop. It is what I’m using now [Yes, I’m using a 10 year old laptop ]

On 2nd year, I had to join a military camp with all classmates from my class and other 2nd year students. I stayed in a dorm at other school which was located about 30km from my school. There were not enough room for every student so I stayed in a room with other 15 girls. 2 girls in a 80cm width bed. They provided meals with really low quality. I had stomachache at that time for the whole week, then I found out that all the food was put on the ground and it was dirty. So I had to brought dry food with me all the time. I was always hungry because there was not enough food to eat. Every weekend, while everybody was out for a trip to nice place, I came back to Hanoi to find something to eat, to wash my clothes and the wash my hair. Food was dirty and water was dirty, too. I made some new friend, joined some new groups, and played some games with them. I sang along whenever I got in line to have meal, then after about a week, my team sang along with me on the way to the canteen. But I was famous to be a fortune teller. It was some of my talent. I sometimes can read mind, read the past and see the future. They gave me huge clothes with a huge belt. My belly was 58cm, and the belt was > 130cm. It was winter, and I always had to wear pijama under those clothes. The rules was to wear those clothes whenever I went out. It was fun and sad at the same time. I had no idea why I cried all the time with other girls. It was crazy. I failed some tests. Most of them were about…map. I was not good at map. I was good at ….shooting, guns, weapon and campaign.

I heard that clubs were really nice place to gain more knowledge and practice to have more skills to prepare for future job. At that time, I knew some presidents of clubs in the university. I tried to join a club. I chose Securities club, it was about stocks and shares, it was really hot at the financial market at that time. They told me to sent them CV and then had some tests and interviewed like I was applying for a job. And it was actually the same because they already chose the one who would pass the test and become an official member. [ Yes, Applying for a job at that time was the same. They already chose the winner ]. So the test was over my abilities. I was just a 2nd year student and the test was like a 4th year student. Yes, I didn’t get into the club anyway. A few month later, I joined in Guitar club. jajaja. I didn’t have a guitar [ I didn’t even have money to buy a guitar ] but I learnt music since I was 5 years old so I had something else. It was so nice to be there. They taught me something, we had fun, they played guitar and I sang.  But guys, clubs are nonsense.

My 2nd year and 3rd year was not something special. I didn’t learn much. I studied CAT too soon at 2nd year and I didn’t understand anything in the book although I passed the test of CAT 3. I had some presentation and team work. The truth is teamwork is bullshit. In a team, people didn’t listen to each other and things were a mess. Everybody spoke their thoughts but then there was no conclusion. It was exhausted. I was always the one who kept silent. It was because I didn’t like the way they work. It was like wandering everywhere for nothing. So I was always at the end, told people what to do, and divided things to small parts to assign to each person in the team. The in the presentation, I was at the end, I answered questions. Yes, I still hate it now ! The logic was really simple but then no one saw it, they fight. Teamwork is always a big mess. [ Then, I was a mess. I was applied in a Big 4 company, they actually liked the one who talked the most in a group. Me, at the conclusion to assign duty, I failed. Jajaja ]. I like working alone anyway.

I started my own business. I had a printer so It was a print service in my apartment. Other students sent me their documents via e-mail, I printed and made some nice cover for them. In the mean time, I became a private English teacher with high price. I taught the one who didn’t know anything about English for about 24 hours [ 3 days, 500k VND/day ], so then their score was 0 would be 5 or 7, it was enough to pass the test. It didn’t make me rich but I didn’t have to ask for money from my parents for so long time. I loved money and I tried to make money. I was really scared of being a poor. I wanna be rich all the time. You know… Money doesn’t talk, it yells!

I’ll go to sleep and maybe I’ll continue to write tomorrow. In the meantime, my Internship 

 Part 3

University life [ Part 1]

It’s 11 years since I started my university life and 7 years since I ended it. I am a nerd and I am afraid of the society. The secret is there were actually 3 universities accepted me. And after graduated from the university, I realized that I didn’t fit anywhere because I was wrong at the beginning and there was way to change it. I found myself fit in psychology major but there was nothing like that here. I lost the way since 2nd year of the university. I don’t know if it was easy for somebody, it was really hard for me to wake up everyday and tell myself not to give up. I might look like an extrovert and act like an extrovert, but I am an introvert who always want to hide in my own world. The outside world is so cruel and scary to me. Then let me tell you about my university life and how hard it was for me.

1- Which way should I go?

I remembered when I took a test to the first university, it was an private IT university with high cost to study and they promised that every student would have job after graduation with salary of 400-600 USD. It sounds sweet? Actually, at that time, I still studied at high school and I was preparing for a test to graduate from the high school. I only had 1 question on my mind : ” Why not?”. So I applied to take a test at the university. I didn’t know what I really wanted. My dad drove 100km with me to the university a day before the test and we stayed in a hotel. I couldn’t sleep that night because I was worried about the test. So we watch soccer match with my team [Manchester United] was playing. It was a good match. my team won and I remember how Rooney scored, it was really impressive and it was a good luck for me. I actually passed the test with scored of 90, enough to apply for scholarship. But then, I didn’t go to that university because 1- the fee was still too high and I didn’t have a penny for that , and 2- people told my parents that there was no girl survive after the 1st year, so they were scared and they banned me to go to that university. [ I’m Asian ! Don’t ask such a question why I didn’t decide by myself. There’s nothing like that here ]

At the age 18, all I know was to study hard to go to the university and I didn’t know the reason for that. Everybody told me that going to the university made a good chance to have a good job. But No one told me what job would fit me. So, I had 3 choices : Medical school, Banking school and IT school. IT – Banned. Medical school took time, and I would have to go to Czech to study after 1st year and then I would have to wear uniform all the time. It was like living in a box to me and it was scary. I had nothing in the box, I actually didn’t have any box. So pushing myself in box was….insane. So last choice, Banking. I thought it was good. Look at the world, everybody was getting rich. 4 years only, not too long. At that time, I thought my dream was becoming a banker and working in a bank [ Then yes, have my own family. Easy like A B C. Shit ! jajaja ]. Adults’ duty was to instruct their kids. After years, I realize, It was not instructing at all. It was like kids are all vehicles and adults drive everywhere they want. They don’t really know what their kids’ abilities and wills.

2- 1 year

So, I started my university life like that. I thought everything was easy as it should be. I was wrong all the time because I didn’t have any social skill at all. I knew the university life would be different from high school life. And I was living apart from my family so it means I was alone with my life and my problem, I would have to manage to save myself. I stayed in my cousin’s house and I went to the university with my… nephew. Yes, he was 1 year older than me and he called me aunt. You were right, shit happened there but just left it there, I’ll tell you later.

I was in a class with 2 other classes so there were about >200 people in a room. It was not a big room. You can imagine it like this: the table which was used for 2 students, we had 3 or 4 students on that table. Everybody wanted to stay close to the board because teacher would write something on it with really small letters and the projector was bad so it was hard to see if I stayed further than 10 tables. I made some new friends. And at the 1st event of the class, I found out that some of them really hated me and they said something bad about me while I was not there. I pretended like I didn’t hear anything and pretended to be normal. Like someone said: If you didn’t see it, it wouldn’t hurt you. I didn’t understand why people judged so fast based on …I didn’t know what. [ I still don’t understand it now ]. I made many acquaintances at the university. I thought it would be good for my future job [ turns out it was bullshit ]. I was in girls soccer team until someone kicked the ball right at my face then chased me out.

I tried to keep studying hard like I was at high school with the hope that I would have excellent degree after graduate. I was so excited at the first time I accessed the school library. I hoped that I might find something helpful for my study. It was such a huge disappointment. The library I had at my house was better and bigger than school library. I found only old books and they were not relevant at all to why I was studying. OMG! The only reason students studied there was that there were AC when it was hot outside. So, we used old books with old knowledge to study in 4 years, nothing was updated so actually we studied nothing real at all. Broken dream ! How could I have a good job with old knowledge and nothing about real life? I didn’t understand what I studied but whenever I questioned about why they should be like that, the only answer I got was: ” Learn the equations by heart to pass the exam, you don’t need to know why it was like that. It was written in the book you didn’t have and it will take years for you to understand everything. You don’t have years, you have only 9 months for this “. The truth was if I didn’t know the true nature of something, I didn’t understand it and I would never remember it. So I can tell that the result at university was really bad. I tried but I couldn’t. Everybody did things so well. They had number, they had equations, applied the number, solved the problem and they had good score. I couldn’t do it. It was meaningless. The magical things for me was political subjects. I didn’t know why I had to study political subjects but somehow I got excellent grade for those subjects [ 9/10]. Studying made me so sick ! Everything people drew about university was just a lie. It was not pinkie at all.

While I stayed at my cousin’s house, there were something bad happened. It was because of me, I was lack of social skills. First, I was at the same age with my nephew so every member of my family was worried about the fact that I could fall in love with my nephew so they tried to break the relationship between me and him. Then the help of the family said that I used the scooter and complained about my nephew never fill the fuel so I had to pay for gasoline. It was so wrong. I was so scared so I stopped sharing scooter with my nephew. I went to school by bus. Everyday I got out of the house at 5 AM to wait for the bus because if the bus was full, they would skip the bus stop, so I would be late for school. I had class at 7 AM everyday. I gained some weight. I was 38kg when I finished high school. At that time, 1st year, I was 44kg and I was about to fail exercise class because fat ass made me slow. My cousin force me to eat too much, I had to vomit everyday because I didn’t need that much food into my body. I continued to write on my blog [ it was my old blog on yahoo so I think it didn’t exist anymore . I started to write when I was 17 years old]. Then, I met the first shock of my life when every member of the family was against me. They accused me of something I didn’t do. It was my fault to not know how to behave well like a normal kid. I didn’t sleep at all although it was the time for the final test of 1st year. I started to write dark things. I stayed in the dark to look at the dark outside. I was deep into my depression and I thought about some way to kill myself and if the world would be better without me. [ Just saying. I’m still here because I’ve heard that I could go to Mars ]. I magically passed all the test with good scores. And I moved out!

At that time, the only thought I had was going back to my city after university. There was actually nothing for me in the big city. I was like a small fish who was trying to survive in the ocean. At the end of 1st year, I realized that the ocean was an interesting place and I wanted to find out more about it, then I would swim to bigger ocean. I joined some volunteer activities in Summer to support orphanage such as bringing some daily stuff, helping “mothers” take care of the kids, joining in some events for kids, etc. I found some acquaintances again and at that time I thought they were my friends. Society, why are you so cruel to me?

I always respect the university life and what it brought to me to make me who I am today. But I can’t say that it was a good time of my life. As I always like when they said :” No pain, no gain”. I’ll tell the rest of my story tomorrow!

In the mean time, my Internship is here

Part 2

Part 3